"Lasso" series air purifier
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2020年注定是一个不平凡的一年,新年伊始就爆发了一场席卷全球的新型冠状病毒瘟疫;截止到目前为止,全球累计确诊人数已经突破3000万人次,死亡人数超过了80万,而无症状患者超过了5万人。新的研究数据证明:新型冠状病毒可通过悬浮在空气中的微小颗粒传播在空气中停留数小时,而传播范围达数十米。 目前我们的防御措施只有最原始的防护服、酒精、口罩等这些手段,而与其被动防御,还不如我们主动的进行出击,将空气中的新冠病毒灭杀。我们凭借自主研发的技术,夜以继日55天,成功研发出了“猎手”空气净化器,武汉金银潭医院实测,可杀灭空气中99%的新冠病毒(数据来源于中国科学院气溶胶化学与物理重点实验室)。
Project Description
2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year, a new type of coronary virus plague that swept the world broke out at the beginning of the New Year; so far, the cumulative number of diagnostic diagnosis has exceeded 30 million, and the number of deaths exceeds 800,000, but none of them none of them. There are more than 50,000 symptoms. The new research data proves that the new coronary virus can be transmitted in the air for several hours through the tiny particles floating in the air, while the spread is tens of meters. At present, our defense measures are only the most primitive protective clothing, alcohol, mask and other means. Instead of passive defense, we might as well take the initiative to attack and kill the new crown virus in the air. With the technology of independent research and development, we successfully developed the ""hunter"" air purifier on the night of 55 days after the night. The actual measurement of Wuhan Jinyantan Hospital was measured to kill 99%of the new crown virus in the air (data comes from the key experiment of gas solution chemistry and physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences room).

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